The Instant, No-mess Inflatable Dome

Set up a complete fort in less than 30 seconds without tearing apart your home!

"Got ours today! Both my kids Love it!

-Mark W.

“Great for indoor play. I bought this for the kids, but i find myself hanging out inside the FloDome more than I’d like to admit”

-Kaylee C.

“In light of recent events, this is probably the best investment I have made.”

-Taylor J.

"Keeps my kids happy and occupied while I work! I'd give it six stars if it was an option.

-Debbie K.

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The Flodome . . .

  •   Uses an inexpensive standard box fan ( 20 inch)
  •   Is made from safe breathable fabric
  •   Sets itself in less than 30 seconds
  •   Includes Instructions, Velcro, one FloDome and a carry sac.

FloDome vs. Furniture Forts

Easy 3-step setup


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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Attach to fan

Secure your FloDome onto any 20" Box fan with the included velcro

Turn on fan

Once secured to the fan, turn the fan on to start airflow

Watch it inflate!

At this point, the fan does all the work! Watch it set up in less than 30 seconds!

What You'll Love

Easy Setup

Easy Takedown

Easy Storage

Easy Fun

It's a win-win!

Get instant fun for your family!

  • Keep the couch and your blankets so you can sit while they play.
  • Setup and takedown almost instantly.
  • Windless design for comfortable fun.
  • Your order will come with instructions, velcro attachment, one FloDome, and an easy storage bag.


Frequently asked questions

How big is FloDome

      When inflated FloDome is 52" at its highest point and 70" in diameter. The wind tunnel is 20"X20"X22"

Does the FloDome come with a fan?

      No, a fan is not included. You can buy a 20" box fan at your local home goods store or online at Home Depot.

Is it windy inside?

      No! The FloDome has a windless design that allows the air from the fan to pass through the tunnel and into the dome without being an annoyance.

Can the FloDome be used outside?

      The FloDome is not designed or recommended to be used outside.

Can I use any type of fan?

      You need to use a 20” box fan to ensure proper inflation and attachment of the FloDome.

How do you get in and out?

      The FloDome has a no floor design, so instead of using a door you enter the fort by lifting the bottom lip and ducking under. If the tent deflates just a bit when you do that, it fills itself back up within a few seconds.


Can I attach more than one FloDome together?

      No, there is no way to attach multiple FloDomes together.

How do I attach the FloDome to the fan?

      We provide adhesive velcro pads that go on your box fan and will attach FloDome to the fan.